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I have to say that I have had Lesa of I Heart Buttons firmly on my radar as an Isle of Wight supplier we simply have to let as many brides know about as possible. Lesa is now listed in our directory and is the very creative and talented lady behind the unique and alternative button bouquets you see through this post.

I’m always proud to shout about having so many talented and creative people living and creating from the Isle of Wight. It goes some way to combatting all rumours that the Isle of Wight is only full of old people retired and laying leisurely in deckchairs, before returning across green rolling fields to one of the only 3 towns on the Island…..(please note, this is not the case if you were one of the ones that thought that!). Lesa of I Heart Buttons, and more recently a fully fledged I Heart Button Holes (It just gets better!), is one of those people to shout about. Creating bespoke, unique one of a kind bouquets from buttons, that create a life long sentimental heirloom from your wedding day. They can be created in any colour or theme incorporating new and old/vintage/belonging to your family buttons and charms.

When I see a supplier I think that you wedding planning couples could do with considering for your day, I take a look at their websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Get a feel for who they are and what they can offer couples. Well Lesa is a very successful lady indeed and as I reached her Blog I found one post (at the time, there are now a few to read so do head over there!) and although it was on it’s lonesome for the time being, I found it a very powerful and interesting read. So much so that I asked Lesa if I could share it, and she was very kind to agree. So without further chit chat from me……

The Crafting “Buzz”

So my first blog… been really struggling with what to write. It’s like when I am starting a button bouquet and it’s not the right time to start, I have no… mojo I suppose you can call it. The only way I can explain is if I say to myself, right at 6pm tonight I am going to start XYZ’s bouquet. Come to 6pm and I sit there and it’s just not happening. I just can’t do it! I can’t force it.

But I can be in the middle of cooking dinner and feel the urge to then start buttoning. What’s that all about? It feels like this now – right, blog time, sit down and type………. errrr I can’t think of anything.

You will have to bear with me as I am very new to the blog and crafting scene. Truth be told… in a previous life I was a legal secretary in London (hurrah at least I can type this quickly lol), commuting over an hour each way, 9.30 -5.30 day in and day out. Never even thought of making anything or attempting to. At one point I so wanted to design my front room, to make it look like one of those beautiful clutter free rooms I used to see in that contemporary home magazine I bought monthly. Can’t even think what it’s called now but I have a stack of them in the loft. Ahh Living Etc., remember now!


Images Tracey Williams Photography

But it wasn’t happening for me. My front room stayed bare – even when we moved out after 7 years, I had no pictures on the wall – plain cream walls – In fact, I had to make it look more homely and put pictures up just to sell it!

So roll on to 2011 – moved to the Isle of Wight with my husband, left London and my job and thinking Marks and Spencers would be a good place to work. Good discount and a discount that comes in handy with a family and then suddenly I see a button bouquet on the net and think WOW! I so need to make one. Where did that urge come from? I am really not a crafty person.

Research done, buttons bought and first bouquet (in the looser sense of the word as it was not the greatest) was born.

Compared to my bouquet work now, what a difference.  But the feeling I got from making it was a massive buzz.  Not felt anything like that before. Never in my job as a secretary.  I had worked on projects which were difficult and a lot of hard work but the satisfaction I felt was nothing in comparison to what I feel now.  I did sell this bouquet on Ebay – someone actually wanted to buy something I made!  What??? Ooo it felt strange, but so snug and warm too.  I was worrying for days after I sent it that the buyer would send it back for a refund.

From getting the inspiration from maybe a button or a piece or jewellery and then, that urge to then make a bouquet  - it’s made and then it sells is something I never new existed.  If I hadn’t stumbled upon a button bouquet, would I ever of found something that gives me such a sense of achievement?

I truly believe that there is something out there for everyone – you may not know what it is, but when you do you will know it!  My OH used to race motorcycles and he was very very good at it.  He used to get his excitement from this – his “buzz” of being good at something, achieving something, people saying he was a brilliant motorcycle rider – no wonder he was so into it, never stopped talking about it.  And now it’s my turn lol!  Although I won’t be high siding and breaking my collarbone from button bouquet making (although the blisters do really hurt) I “get” it.  I can get into the “zone” as strange as it sounds. I am like a mad woman  - buttons out and I am frantic (sometimes) looking through my buttons, seeing which ones are right for the bouquet and god help anyone who interrupts me !  I love it. I love my job and I LOVE making these bouquets. There are just not enough hours in the day sometimes.

I hope this gives you a little insight into my work and the passion I have and feel for it.  I get asked a lot if I  have studied art or floristry but nope, I can’t lie and say I have (as it may sound better if I had). I come from a totally non arty/floristry/crafty background – just office work.

Image Tracey Williams Photography

My first post has turned into me sharing with you what it feels like for me with my bouquet making and I always wonder if others get the same buzz and excitement (and even a bit frantic) when they are making their craft.

I will try and do a weekly blog. Next week I will blog about the button bouquets I am working on and about my shop in the Royal Victoria Arcade.  Tis a funny Arcade with many eclectic shops (and people)……..


After I read that blog post I felt almost proud of Lesa (we hadn’t met) and a little jealous if I’m honest. Lesa has turned her hand to something so creative and turned it into a successful business so quickly, it should make us realise that although Lesa must have had a secret (even to her) talent, that if we really want to change our lifestyles or realise a passion, then we should try it. That’s what I took from it.

What you can take from the blog post is that you have a passionate creative and talented lady creating you a bespoke unique one off bouquet from buttons for your wedding day. 

To get in touch with Lesa for information on her bouquets and buttonholes go to the I Heart Buttons profile in the directory and send an enquiry over.


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