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The To Do list - trying not to let it control your life 

We are the first to say that a to do list is a great memory tool in organising not only your wedding, but life generally. Have to admit that the process of researching for this blog post has highlighted a few tips we will be taking on board (sat with 3 notebooks and a diary open). To do lists will become a close companion of yours over the course of planning your wedding and you may well come to dislike this ever lasting, never ending companion who probably sticks around a little after your wedding day for those follow up essentials (thank you cards, dress and suit cleaning, honeymoon paperwork, where am I going to sell the 12 centrepiece vases and 4 different sets of garden games?! And if I don’t sell them, who has a loft I can hide them in?)

Wedding planning can be a little, well a lot, overwhelming and we wanted to make sure you knew that you aren’t the only one staring at a to do list over a cup of tea at your kitchen table wondering how it will all get done. Don’t worry, it will, and here are a few pointers to help get you there.


Write separate lists - If you are a to do list person anyway then you will probably already have one on the go. If you are now planning your Wight Wedding Day then try to write separate lists for home life, work and wedding day. This allows you to leave your work one....at work where it belongs and allocate time for home life and wedding day accordingly. One large list will definitely seem undoable.

Get that list written – don’t put off writing it up and don’t expect it to be your last list. Sit down with your partner and talk through everything you know you need to do at the moment.  If you are at the beginning stages then your list will look very different to one 3 months down the line, mainly because you will have done a lot of it (yay). Be realistic though, if you write down things you know don’t need to be done until a couple of days before the wedding then they will be hanging around for a long time making your list look like it will never end and won’t give you a sense of achievement.

Decide where you are going to keep your to-do list – You can keep it on good ol’ traditional paper but with so much technology available with phones and laptops going everywhere with us, you might find that you would like to use an app for your phone, a software programme or planner on your laptop or just a word document on each so you can edit it easily (and use less paper). We love useful technology  but we also love a good old pen and paper, feels safer (seen as the memory fails me already, at 26!).

Prioritise – not everything needs to be completed right now and some things are going to be quickly and easily completed (we emphasise ‘some’). We know you would like to do them first to feel that quick sense of achievement because we all put off more difficult or time-consuming things until later.

Try allocating letters or numbers next to the tasks you know need to be completed by a certain date or should be started sooner rather than later. Usually a deadline or another task on the list will help you work out what should be done when. Then sort your list again by those letters or numbers e.g. A or 1 should be done first, then B or 2 etc. Even put the dates next to them so you know why it is a priority A.

Decide on daily, weekly or monthly – You may want to create a master to do list with everything you can possibly think of (you’ll need a lay down after thinking through all of that!), but let’s be realistic; it isn’t all going to be done any time soon. Why not create a separate list from the master one that you know you can complete in a day, week or month, factoring in the odd unexpected errand or family thing and living a little (please don’t forget to do that!). The best part is completing all your tasks, ticking them off the master list, screwing that piece of paper up and putting it in the bin (or deleting the list from your app). Very satisfying.

Breakdown the large tasks – some tasks have quite a few sub-tasks to get that final job done (‘Plan Wedding’ won’t help). You can break them down on your master list and pick which parts of them you want to be on your daily, weekly or monthly list. Then you can think about who could do those smaller tasks that help you get to the end goal.

You are not alone – Being this organised means that you can ask some of your wedding party to help you because you aren’t alone in this. You will still be in control but with a list of small to large to-do’s that your friends and family could complete for you, it’d be silly not to ask. Don’t take it off your list because we all need a friendly nudge sometimes but asking for help will seriously take the stress off you. That is what Beth found out when planning her wedding. 

Make it fun and write your to-do list items on pieces of paper and put them in a hat , bag, suitcase, empty box of wine or beer (might need to ply friends with the alcohol first) and get them to pick a task each. Fair, fun and a reason to get together and talk weddings.

His AND hers – You may be doing this wedding planning thing together and already know both of your strengths and weaknesses (you’re getting married so if you don’t, you soon will).  Allocate tasks for each other that suit your strengths and anything that neither of you are happy with doing, just ask for help or guidance from someone. Maybe make lists for each of you and pop them on your fridge as a reminder of what you are both trying to achieve, you can also trade them for washing up or tea making!

Hand it over to a pro – If you aren’t getting certain things done by the time you wanted, don’t worry. Ask yourself why? Sometimes you can realise the mammoth task that lay ahead of you both and although you most certainly have strengths that will help with planning your wedding, there are some tasks that you would be best completed by someone who has done it before. If someone can save you time and stress by taking it on for you and deliver great results, that may just win over.

That someone might be a friend or family member or it may be an Isle of Wight supplier who has done it umpteen times and can give you a great final product with little stress. You will waste mental energy worrying about how you will do something instead of just getting on with the things you can.

Do NOT do! – when you are setting aside time to work on the wedding planning then make sure you do just that. You might find yourself distracted easily or able to prioritise something else last minute to get out of getting on with it. A do NOT do list might help you to stop eating into the time you have set aside for other social or essential things.

For example, do not check Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr or Lover.ly all day or at least until a certain time, and give yourself a time when you can check emails, do not catch up on the latest episode of Xfactor or Eastenders until ‘x’ has been done. Exercise some self-control and you will shrink that to do list quicker than your mum shrunk your school vest!

Don’t feel deflated if your to-do list doesn’t get any smaller. We all have to live our lives a little and you can’t factor in the unexpected. If it happens a lot though, ask yourself why and if passing it on to someone you know or a professional will save you time, money and stress at a cost. It might just be worth it. You can read more on deciding what to do yourselves in our blog post on D.I.T – Do It Together.

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