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You can't shop here until you've set a date!

Setting a date for your wedding can be hard with so many things to consider. First and foremost, how long do you need to save for your wedding day? Budget and cash flow can be the main concern when setting a date as you will need to think about putting a deposit down on a venue and other elements.  Avoiding big birthdays or family occasions, festival dates, trying to choose a significant date to you, a bank holiday and a time of year you might get some sunshine (we know this is a separate headache in itself, more on that soon) are all things to be considered. 

The process of choosing a date you are both happy with can sometimes take time but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to get out there and start looking at dresses (maybe even trying one or seven on?), flowers, caterers, photographers and attending bridal fayres to see suppliers. You might want to get the ball rolling and start firming up your ideas, but we have found that some people may feel like they won’t be taken seriously as a potential customer by some of the wedding suppliers on the Isle of Wight unless they have a date.

It is one of the questions you will be asked a lot during your time of planning and it is a detail that is important and essential when using suppliers of certain services or products e.g. a venue can normally only have one wedding on each date of the year – so a date or an idea of one is helpful. We wanted to assure you that it isn’t essential and you will still be taken seriously, so don’t be shy and get asking those questions.

Not speaking for all suppliers, as you may get the odd one, but most are looking for custom and yours is no different to any others. It can be daunting to walk into an alien environment looking at products you have only just started considering needing (not everyone keeps a scrapbook or starts a wedding website to dream about their wedding day). You are the one who is perfectly entitled to be unsure as to when you are getting married, but you will be at some point.  You are the one wanting to buy their products or services and you are the person that might want to have considered, visited, felt, tried on, smelt and seen all your options before spending your budget. Quick note – if it says ‘you break you pay’ then just be a little bit careful when doing the previously mentioned.

So find your wedding planning, budget managing alter ego and get out there and start seeing what you like. Even if your date could be either of 2 months in 2 years time, or the same month in different years. You are still getting married so enjoy it.


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