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See your venue dressed before anyone else does

We have been lucky enough to see some beautiful weddings with tables dressed to well thought out themes with some great ideas for making the venue an expression of the couple and the day they imagined. They then have the option of having a receiving line at the reception or before dinner to thank everyone individually, everyone seating themselves as per your thought out plan and then you being announced as Mr & Mrs as you enter the room.

We just feel that you may forget to get the chance to see your tables for dinner dressed with all the elements you will have gone to great efforts to choose, buy or make. Without anyone else in there, sat at tables blocking the view of your table centres or having moved everything around.

Couples say it all the time, the day passes in a blur and you have a hard job trying to keep up with all the action. From arriving at your venue and (if your lucky to have time) having a reception drink, before being whisked away for your photos in every combination of bloodline, section of family tree, friend groups and male or female split, to talking with guests then being taken to your tables for dinner.

Picture credit © Wight Vintage

We have had the pleasure of walking into a room to see your day with the full impact you intended so please don’t miss out on that yourselves. Take a moment to go together and see the finished room.

To avoid disappointment we would also advice just checking with staff everything is ready and set before going to look. You could ask your photographer to follow and ensure they have the shots of the room you would like. 

By all means have a receiving line and thank everyone as they go into the room, have pictures ‘just the two of you’ whilst everyone else sits in their seats and wait outside the room to be announced as Mr & Mrs before entering to their cheers, but do make time to see your room as you imagined.

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