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Proposal at Osborne House – Congratulations

We’ve heard from Osborne House on their first marriage proposal in the flag tower. We blooged on the opportunity to propose at the top of the flag tower the other day and if you missed that and the details you can read that here. Since though, Osborne house have been in touch to let us know that they have had their first proposal and they said……..yes! It worked. 360° views, bubbly and cold temperatures worked their magic (obviously you would huddle in close for warmth). Here are the details from Osborne.  


We've just had our first 'flag tower' proposal at Osborne. Lee Barnett proposed to Sandra Viðarsdóttir this afternoon on the roof of Osborne, at the base of the flag tower, and she said yes!. He is from Burgess Hill and she is originally from Iceland. The couple had 'an exclusive behind the scenes tour' of some of the rooms at Osborne House before Lee popped the question.

If you are  are others in a  romantic mood this Valentine's Day and would like to propose then details of  Osborne House's  'proposal package'  are on the English Heritage website at http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/about/news/proposal-osborne/


Or you can get in touch using the Osborne House profile page in the directory.

How exciting! Can’t wait to hear when they will be having their reception at Osborne House, of course. Congratulations Lee and Sandra, happy wedding planning. 


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