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Getting started

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It’s official – you’re finally one of those smug happy couples, about to embark on a beautiful journey. If you’re not quite sure how to take the first few steps on this journey, we’re able to help you out with a few pointers to help you get the Isle of Wight wedding planning ball rolling:

Alert the church elders! Or even just your nearest and dearest

We recommend you start by telling your friends and family (those that don’t already know) in person or via a phone call – that way they’ll feel included in your special moment and you’ll feel the warm glow of hearing their joyous reaction. If you’re still yet to meet some important family members or close friends, now is a great time to initiate a meeting. Organising an engagement party might be a good way to spread the word and introduce in-laws.

It’s pretty common these days to spread the news to those less close via text message or email before you make is really official and change your Facebook relationship status with a newly uploaded photo of the bling. Just make sure those closest to you have heard if from the horse’s mouth or else you might have to deal with a sulk or two.

Think ‘Big Picture’

Between the two of you it’s best to decide what you want from the wedding day; how many guests would you like to invite, do you want extended family or a select few loved ones? Will it be a low key, casual affair or a full-blown wedding extravaganza? What would be your dream wedding?

Now is a good time to think BIG and share thoughts about your perfect wedding day, no matter how mad or unrealistic, just try to visualise and explain it. It’s easy to scale down and you’ll be surprised how close you can get to your dream wedding without breaking the bank. It’s important to listen carefully to each other and take each other’s ideas totally seriously, no matter how ridiculous they might seem. This is the first step in compromising so be patient and respectful.

Decide what matters most

In the words of Mark Corrigan from Peep Show; ‘Think outside the box - go mental! Then go sane again and check, and recheck’. After exploring your dream wedding day options, come back down to earth and seriously consider you options. Work out what your budget is, check it again to make sure you’re both totally happy with what you’re about to spend, and then prioritise. Chances are you won’t be able to afford the pony and the fireworks and ten brides maids and Gary Barlow. What matters most to you both? Whether it’s the number of guests, the food, the music or the dress, you’ll need to decide between you exactly how your budget will be distributed.

Get organised!

You might think you’ve got it all sorted in your head, but until you start to examine the detail and create a check list you won’t be able to make the most of your budget and there might be a few surprises. Little details can cost more than you anticipated so it’s best to draw up a realistic and detailed checklist of every single thing you need to organise and pay for, right down to ribbons and hairspray.

Stick all the key dates in your calendar and don’t lose track of your guests, keep a tight and definitive list of RSVP’s and numbers.

The fun bit is keeping track of your inspiration – create a scrapbook and mood boards as you go along and always keep a notebook on you - you never know when ideas might strike!


The average Island Bride spends 18 months planning their wedding, but there are no hard and fast rules. Realistically it can take as little as 6 weeks to plan a Wight wedding without losing too much hair or sleep. Some brides prefer to keep timings tight to stop them from spending too much or changing their minds as trends and styles change over the year. You don’t have to worry about planning things at certain points prior to the big day, just make sure that you have your date set and work from there. You’ll find it helps to book certain things as far in advance as possible, e.g. your favourite band to avoid disappointment, but sometimes booking late can save you a bit of cash e.g. late availability bookings in reception venues. Stick everything down in a calendar that corresponds to your checklist and make sure you’re moving the planning at a pace that leaves you in a state of peace, not panic

Pick your team

Chose who you would like involved in your wedding party and ask for their hand in helping you plan your wedding. Accept that if you have parents or relatives who have contributed to the cost of the wedding, it’s likely that they will want to have some say in the big day. It’s best you manage expectations from the start and find ways to make them feel involved without getting in the way of your big plans, that way they’ll be less inclined to stick their ore in and make trouble if they feel neglected.

If any friends have offered to help in some aspect of your wedding day consider it very carefully before you accept. It might be cheaper, but it could save trouble to have professional help and don’t be afraid of hurting feelings. It’s your day and there ways of tactfully saying ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

Now, you’ll be in a position to press the ‘go’ button and start getting the plan into place…

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