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We’ve all been there, you’ve enjoyed the ceremony, done the rounds and said hello to your fellow guests, friends and family members and have enjoyed a couple of canapés. But the bride and groom are still out taking photographs, so you’ve got to keep yourself busy for another hour or two until they arrive. If you’re hungry and don’t have many other friends at the wedding, this period of waiting around can last forever and you might find your excitement levels drop slightly.

Depending on the amount of people at the wedding and the length of time is takes to finish the meal, this awkward period can also be extended to after you’ve finished your final course. You’ve got to make chit-chat with the person sitting next to you until everyone has finished eating and it’s time to get your groove on. If you’ve been in this position you’ll be conscious that you won’t want your guests to suffer a similar experience.

As a bride and groom, during the planning period it’s worth having a think about how can you keep the atmosphere bubbling along throughout the day. We know your funds are going to be tied up in everything else, but trust us – it is worth considering a budget for entertainment. It’s far easier to make guests feel at ease if they are all enjoying entertainment laid on for them, as a group. It gives them a mutual interest and something to talk about, not to mention something to distract them whilst they’re waiting for food.

There are plenty of ways to provide entertainment before and during the reception, and no, they won’t all break the bank! But why not use this opportunity to make your wedding stand out from the crowd by doing something different. If you’re looking for an entertainer who will be able to add to the enchantment of your big day, delight your friends and keep your guests talking for years to come, then you probably need a wizard! If you find Gandalf’s all booked up then we can recommend the next best thing - Kyle Newton – Close Up Magician.

Kyle is one of the Isle of Wight’s finest practitioners and tells us he is the only conjurer to specialise in an art known as cardistry, which he combines with his magic.

Having appeared in Sky Arts and performing for celebrities such as Professor Green, Wretch 32 and Absolute Radio, he’s much in demand as a wedding magician, party magician and table magician. For over 8 years his unique modern style, not mentioning his technical sleight of hand, has made for many of the greatest weddings, parties and corporate events.

Depending on the situation, Kyle’s unique style of close-up-magic is so diverse that it works wonders in an enormous variety of social circumstances. Performed right under your nose, it means he can float freely amongst guests at drink receptions and seated dinners. 

Kyle was kind enough to tell us more about why he might be the perfect entertainer for you…

Image by Simon Hussey

When did you start as a close up magician and why?

I started at the age of around 8 when a close up magician approached me at a restaurant, he showed me a trick and I became obsessed with how to learn just that one trick. He gave me my first pack of ‘proper’ playing cards and I started from there. Learnt a few tricks, and then began learning the foundations behind it, after about 5 years I began creating my own tricks as I wanted to stand out, I soon found my niche with cards and began specialising in an art known as cardistry. From then onwards I began to hone my skills and pass my knowledge onto older magician whilst absorbing anything they could give to me.


Why did you decide to base your business on the Isle of Wight?

I’m a Caulkhead through and through, and so naturally it was the right thing to do to get up on my feet, as I’ve grown older my business has become recognised nationwide and I perform all over the UK, but obviously the Island’s my favourite place to perform and for the next year I’ll be living down here so want to perform here as much as I can!


How has your business grown since you started?

Absolutely, I guess I first started it at the age of around 15 with just a simple website advertising my skills - I did a charity event here and there, but mostly it was for experience. 4 years on and I’ve appeared on Sky Arts, work with VIP’s at music festivals, have gained a sponsor, as well as working with world recognised companies on and off TV to advertise their products. I’m also currently in the process of a super exciting project which’ll be released around April time so keep your eyes peeled!


Who are the team behind ‘Kyle Newton - Close Up Magician’ or is it just yourself?

It began by myself and along the way when my family realised it was what I wanted to do, I gained the financial support needed to get me up and running. I was young at the time so wasn’t all that business savvy and wasn’t sure exactly how to deal with clients, etc. But now, I run the business on my own two feet with support from my sponsor Newbells Electricals who deals with all my advertising, and also with the help of local business’s that have begun making a name for themselves on the Island (Rapunui - go check them out!).

Image by Kane Thompson

What are the main wedding services you offer couples?

I offer various packages depending on their budget, as well as an all-round professional entertaining service, I can also help with any other entertainment needs if they’re looking for other reputable entertainment they can trust.
I do walk around magic, so can mingle with guests to boost the atmosphere and give it that zest of life to make their day, just that more enjoyable, or can walk from table to table entertaining guests and getting everyone involved.
There’s no ‘set’ way in which I work, if there’s something special they’d really love me to do then I’ll do my utmost best to get it done! I can even create personal magic tricks based on peoples interests and personality, which is always a fun challenge.


Do you offer anything that a client might not know about and may be of interest?

Like already stated, I can give you them a reputable list of entertainers who I’ve dealt with personally and who already have a great reputation on the Island, additionally I can have a professional camera crew get involved to make up a short 15 minute magic program which is based at your wedding!


What is the future for Kyle Newton - Close Up Magician, any new developments for the future?

It’s always growing, and with so many projects coming up the possibilities are endless, I’m still only young and plan on going to university which’ll mean unfortunately the magic may have to take a seat for a while, but if you ever see me about give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do. A little taster as to what I’m going to be up to next year - I’ll be travelling around the world alongside music festivals, to give the UK something they won't want to miss out on! That’s all I can really say right now, but if you follow my twitter or facebook, you can stay up-to-date on this and will get up-to-date news before anyone else does!


What do you think differentiates you from other magicians and wedding day entertainment options?

To put it in one - I’m modern. A lot of magician’s in today’s society are only in it for the money, look up a few tricks online, make a free website, and hey presto they have themselves a business. Unfortunately this seems to be the case on the Island and I only know of one other magician who I sometimes work with at corporate events who I’d consider a professional magician.
So back to what it is I can offer you; I can offer you a professional entertainment service that you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy and can rely on.


Kyle Newton is perfect for any wedding because he really does cater for every kind of guest. A tasteful and truly excellent performer, Kyle’s passion really does shine through, he would certainly be able to keep the excitement buzzing along throughout the day. For something original and the chance to have your wedding entertainment captured by a professional videographer, you’d be mad not to consider him. For more information about this talented Island Magician visit Kyle Newton’s Wight Wedding Days profile.

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