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Don’t forget to feed your extras

We did write a post a little while ago that gave you some advice on planning your catering for your wedding day called ‘tips to help with you catering’ – obvious and catchy, we know. Well we realised that there was something that people do forget to factor into their catering numbers, like we have momentarily forgotten to pop them into the last blog.

Can you guess who it is…..well you’ve got someone watching you all day from the morning right into the night and carrying all those cameras and lenses doesn’t leave room for a tuna sandwich in a lunchbox. Yes, you guessed it is your photographer. They are going to be mighty hungry by the time you start eating your dinner and it is always best to factor them plus any assistants into your numbers. It still costs caterers to make their meals and who could bear to not feed a starving photographer. They are after all capturing every shot of your wedding day, even when you are pushing that piece of chicken into your mouth sideways!

There is another group of people it would be nice to remember. It’s the sweaty lot singing, jumping around playing instruments? Or it may be the lone DJ hiding behind the many lights blinding you as you try to ‘get down low’ in your dress or your well-pressed suit. Again, you guessed you clever lot (ok may have been obvious but wedding planning stress can sometimes cause brain block), it’s your entertainment for the evening. Sometimes they may refuse it but it is polite to ask them or it may be part of their agreement. Check that when agreeing!

Caterers need to know ahead of time how many dishes they will be preparing or if they should leave something to one side for someone you might suddenly on the day realise you haven’t thought about feeding. Nobody likes a rumbly tummy during speeches or a lagging drummer slowing the music down.

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