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Don’t forget the aisle picture

Photography credit © Wight Photography

If there is one picture everyone can’t help but melt at, it is the aisle picture. The photographer that captures both the groom looking up the aisle at his wife-to-be and simultaneously captures the bride looking down the aisle at her husband-to-be, will please any couple.

Perhaps the groom will have a look of relief that the bride turned up or the love for his future wife can be read on his face like an open easy-to-read book. Combined with an appreciation for his beautiful bride who has gone to many efforts to look amazing.

Capturing a gaze down the aisle by the bride for a look at her husband to be and his reaction to seeing her in her wedding day glory.  And of course a glimpse at him sweating at her being fashionably late but relief she finally arrived to marry him.

To be honest I expect there are a million things going through everyone’s minds at this moment and as they say, a picture does speak a thousand words. In fact, those words are open to interpretation and we can gaze on a photo such as Beth and Rich Brownrigg’s and imagine what they are thinking.

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