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10 ways to get the Groom involved

With the Summer wedding season approaching and many a bride getting stressed about the amount of things still left on the to-do list, we thought we’d point out a few areas to share the burden with your husband-to-be and get him involved. Fella’s, if you’re struggling to find ways to be useful during the planning stage, these tips might earn you a few brownie points!

We challenge any of you to let him pick the dress...

1. Sort out the legal bits: This task involves no glitter or lace and is quite difficult to get wrong. The Groom can take care of sorting out the marriage certificate by talking to the Isle of Wight register office team and ask about the requirements. You can also apply for an Isle of Wight marriage certificate online, so you don’t even have to put your shoes on for this one!

2. Choose the drinks: You both know that you’ll need some kind of special bubble-based drink to toast with during the day, but apart from this what else will you and your guests be drinking? The choice will probably be red and white wine, and beers for those who prefer to drink out of pint glasses. Usually after the first few drinks, guests become less discerning so there’s no great need to go for the finest wine available. Grooms are notoriously better at sticking to budgets than brides, so he’ll be able to pick something quickly and within your means. If you both fancy providing a couple of signature cocktails, why not let him have a go at coming up with ideas for this too? Guys, we’re guessing you’d rather this, than take care of the flowers?

3. Haggle: Men are known for being better at bartering than women. Ask him to turn on the charm and see he can get the best deals from your chosen wedding suppliers. There are always ways to keep the costs down, so work your cheekiest smile and best patter, and you might save a few extra pennies for that dream honeymoon!

4. Take him to an Isle of Wight wedding show: Yes, we know what you’re all thinking, but it’s not as boring for blokes as you think. Guys, I’m sure you’d be more comfortable going along and building ideas together, rather than your bride, her mother and best friends planning your wedding day without you. There are often great ideas of honeymoons, stag parties and entertainment, plus you can head to the pub afterwards to share your thoughts over a pint.

5. Book the honeymoon: Men are great at booking holidays, and booking a holiday on top of organising a wedding can add unnecessary pressure. As long as you both know where you want to go, let your fella take care of getting it book. Grooms, now's your chance to arrange a few surprises for your new wife (nice, surprises…nice ones!)

6. Pick the suits: If you’re both set on a certain style for the Groom’s and Usher’s outfits then make sure he’s clear on the theme and let him pick these out. Brides, you’ll have enough to worry about and it might be a way to surprise you on the day. We only recommend this task to be delegated to the men if they are good with clothes…if there is a chance they might rock up on the day in ‘Dumb and Dumber’ style tuxedos, it’s best to rethink this one. (If you don't know what those suits looked like take a look)

7. Arrange the first dance: The chances are you’ll both have similar choices in mind so it’s unlikely this can go wrong. By letting the Groom pick the first dance, he’ll be more likely to feel comfortable during this part of the day. The pair of you can practice well in advance of the wedding and use this time to take a break from all the planning.

8. Be the budget tracker: Most men are great with finances, especially when they are joint, and concern weddings! Let him keep track of the spending, this way you’ll be less likely to spend ‘just another £100’ as you know justifying over-spend to the other half isn’t always easy! 

9. Choose the food: We all know the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so Gentlemen, get excited about your wedding day by taking charge of the menu. This might need a bit of discussing, but it’s a great wedding task to delegate to your Groom.

10. Be the one to say no: If you have friends or relatives trying to muscle in on the planning of your wedding day and offering uncomfortable suggestions or requests, get your bloke to sort it out. It’s not uncommon for people to stick their oar in, so when that happens and you feel unable to decline, get the Groom to respond by saying ‘thanks, but no thanks – we have everything we need’. He won’t feel as nervous as us women when it comes to being blunt!

Of course, the best way to convince your bloke that your big day is worth all the hassle, is to tune into a few of episodes of Don’t Tell The Bride…they say they don’t love it, but we all know that’s just not true!

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